Does God Control Everything? - R. C. Sproul

Does God Control Everything?

By R. C. Sproul

  • Release Date: 2012-11-01
  • Genre: Christianity
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Does God Control Everything? by R. C. Sproul read book description and reviews

Most people today believe that we live in a closed, mechanistic universe, that is, a universe that functions from day to day according to certain physical forces and causes. Classical Christianity has taken a very different view, teaching that God is the primary cause of the universe, but also that He is the primary cause of everything in the universe and of everything that happens in the universe—in short, that God, not mechanistic forces, is the primary cause of what is and what happens.

In this Crucial Questions booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul explores and explains the Christian doctrine of providence, the teaching that God is the sovereign ruler of the universe. He then deals with some of the philosophical and theological questions and objections the doctrine raises. His teaching challenges popular assumptions about the universe and exalts God as the sovereign ruler and sustainer of all things.

As a gifted communicator, R.C. Sproul has helped many believers grow in their understanding of such matters as the nature of God, the history of redemption, and the manner in which we are saved. Now Dr. Sproul’s lucid teaching on these vital matters is available in a series of concise booklets that are perfect for personal learning and refreshing, as well as small-group study. For a quick introduction to matters at the very core of the Christian life, for yourself or a friend, consider the Crucial Questions booklets from Reformation Trust Publishing.

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  • Learn About Providence, Foreknowledge, Sovereignty, and Concurrence

    By MKWick
    It's a question that is often hotly debated - Does God control everything? If you don't know the answer to this question or if you are unable to defend your answer well, I highly recommend R.C. Sproul's Does God Control Everything? I have strong views concerning this subject matter, and Pastor Sproul's use of Scripture gave me an even greater understanding of several vital doctrines. Reading Does God Control Everything? will help you learn the difference between providence and foreknowledge, God's sovereign ordination, and the doctrine of concurrence. The book's 80 pages are divided into the following five chapters and can be read in no time: 1. What Is Providence? 2. God Makes It All Happen 3. God or Chance? 4. Is God Responsible for Human Wickedness? 5. What About Human Freedom? If the topics seem difficult or uninteresting, I encourage you to still give this free eBook a chance. Does God Control Everything? is written for the layman, and covers topics that we simply should not ignore. The LORD has established his throne in the heavens, and his kingdom rules over all. Psalm 103:19
  • Really enjoyable

    By Chelly :)
    I enjoyed this book. It showed the concept of the title in different ways and it broke things down to understand that God is sovereign and does control everything!!!

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