O Iguana! My Iguana! - Andrea Scarsi

O Iguana! My Iguana!

By Andrea Scarsi

  • Release Date: 2014-10-28
  • Genre: Nature
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O Iguana! My Iguana! tells you everything you need to know to handle and care for your Iguana in the best way possible. It offers a brief overview of the iguana as a species, a peek at the life of the wild iguana in its native habitat, how to create the absolute perfect habitat or iguana enclosure, and how to feed them properly. Iguanas are peaceful, herbivore reptiles and easy to take care of. They're essentially wild animals that long for the wide open, arboreal spaces of tropic rainforests. This is where they come from and they will seek some of the comforts of their true homes even in captivity. That's all. When you know how to provide the needs of these majestic, and at times gigantic lizards, they will reward you with an active and relatively long life in captivity. Iguanas can, in fact, live up twenty years if they are well taken care of. O Iguana! My Iguana! covers all of this, and a lot more. You're a total beginner or would like to improve your handling of these lovely reptiles, this is for you.
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