I Got Drunk and then Poetry - Mark Petersen

I Got Drunk and then Poetry

By Mark Petersen

  • Release Date: 2013-02-10
  • Genre: Poetry
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I Got Drunk and then Poetry by Mark Petersen read book description and reviews

These poems were composed while having drinks downtown, enjoying the college-town local nightlife often with a typewriter and sometimes with an ink-pen and a Moleskine notebook. I let myself go, and I wrote a few gems and a whole lot of crap.
I have chosen the gems and applied Hemingway’s advice: “write drunk, edit sober”. My raw poetry was rife with typos and holes and I needed to edit it to make it clear and coherent. But I also didn’t want to overcook it; in my editing I strove to keep each poem faithful to the original so that the emotion and drunkenness would be maintained.
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  • Art

    By Calista K
    I liked you point of view on or own old works of art. They way you compared criticizing our old pieces to criticizing ourselves was really creative.
  • A fun read

    By Hendo1822
    Nothing too deep or trying but a good way to kill 10 or 15 min
  • Worth the download!

    By LeahaMaria
    Very good poetry, I really enjoyed the poem about love for your own artwork. Hope to read more!
  • Nice work

    By Twerson
    I enjoyed it, my favorite one is Epiphany
  • Best way to describe my art.

    By pdrzv
    I wish this would've been longer. Best one yet to read more. Best way to describe a generation of your own. After all love yourself before anyone else will make you see love in such a different way. ❤️
  • I loved it

    By Naya !
    I actually loved this. I love the fact that it was simple yet riveting to read.
  • I enjoyed it

    By Kebeee
    Wish there was more..
  • Just a word

    By Jennifer R Grisham
    This poetry collection was such a fun read!
  • Meh

    By The Dark Abyss
    Not too inspiring or even thought provoking. Just ramblings of a drunk, I suppose. I know a lot of people, mostly addicts, who fancy their creativity is magically enhanced while intoxicated but usually the opposite is true. I'm not intending to sound judgey, or to diss his expression of art, but perhaps the authors writing would be better if he were sober? I dare say so.
  • Extraordinary

    By Ksjdkwbwjbdosjwowh
    You would think that an intoxicated person would write a lot of random thoughts that are incoherent and unnecessary, but this disproves that. Some parts of this book really make you think about how art should be shared and created more often. I've really enjoyed this book.

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