Total Recall - Philip K. Dick

Total Recall

By Philip K. Dick

  • Release Date: 2012-06-26
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Our rating: 5/5 stars

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Total Recall by Philip K. Dick read book description and reviews

The inspiration for the film Total Recall, starring Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale, and directed by Len Wiseman. This ebook-only edition of Philip K. Dick’s classic short story tells the story of Douglas Quail, an unfulfilled bureaucrat who dreams of visiting Mars, but can't afford the trip. Luckily, there is Rekal Incorporated, a company that lets everyday stiffs believe they’ve been on incredible adventures. The only problem is that when technicians attempt a memory implant of a spy mission to Mars, they find that real memories of just such a trip are already in Quail's brain. Suddenly, Quail is running for his life from government agents, but his memories might make him more of a liability than he is worth. Originally published as "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale."

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  • Great story, buy the book

    By TeddyGraham
    The Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick is available for $10. It contains this story as well "the minority report" and other great ones. Don't do as I did. This book is too short and leaves you wanting more. Buy the selected stories. Total Recall is included under its original title "We Can Remember it for you Wholesale"
  • Pretty Good

    By Mr. Mark R
    Having never read Phillip K Dick I decided to give this a try, since I have seen Total Recall (both versions). Not what I expected but still pretty interesting. It certainly makes you think. The only thing that bothers me is that because of the movies they felt the need to change the name of the original work. It should be called "We Can Remember it for You Wholesale."
  • $3.99 for 22 pages?

    By Some Dude in Jersey
    Dick's a good writer, but this version is just too pricey for something that short. And let's face it, it can be acquired for free elsewhere.
  • Left me wanting

    By Racquetball King
    Having seen both of the total recall movies I decided to read this book to compare them. The movies were better to me. This book left me hanging wanting more action.
  • Had only seen the 90s flick until now...

    By Shitnozzle
    This was an excellent story by an excellent writer. In my experience, short stories can either be boring or really good, and this one was really good. It differs from the movie, but in a good way, and after all, it was the movie that came after the story. I recommend this to anyone wanting a quick read that they will remember in a good way.
  • Not the correct title, but still awesome

    By ThatSalamander
    This book is called 'We Can Remember It For You Wholesale'. It was the basis for the book 'Total Recall' by Piers Anthony, later to become the 1990 and 2012 movie. It's almost 30 pages. It's a total short story, high concept and intriguing. Recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction.
  • Total Recal

    By Jacquelyn Davinroy
    Short book. Wasn't sure if this was it or there's more.
  • $1 for 22 pages?

    By Paul D George
    Great story, but wish there was more to it than barely a chapter.
  • Great Short Story, Want More!

    By Bobbarita
    I've never seen the original film, but I'm pretty excited to watch the upcoming adaptation. This is the first Philip K. Dick story I've read, and I absolutely loved it. For such a cheap price, you might as well buy it for the quick read. I just wish there had been more. A full novel in this universe that followed the rest of the main character's story would have been amazing. It's so short and ends so abruptly, it makes me think this was something Dick just scribbled in his free time and never got around to finishing. It's essentially the first chapter to what would have been one of the best science fiction novels of all time had Dick wrote the whole thing.

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