Take A Letter Miss: Part 4 - Katie West

Take A Letter Miss: Part 4

By Katie West

  • Release Date: 2012-02-25
  • Genre: Erotica
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'Alright, time to get things going.' John said cryptically. 'Before we came out to lunch Angie, we had a talk, the three of us, and mapped out what we would like to happen this afternoon, so if you're comfortable we can get started.'

Still wide eyed, Angie nodded to him, as her eyes drifted off towards another piece of equipment that took her notice.

Megan moved to her side and started to undress her. Angie watched her hands as she unbuttoned her shirt and undid her skirt, letting both slide to the floor, leaving her standing in just her heels and stockings.

Megan's hand moved out and stroked her, cupping her breasts in her hands and squeezing them gently. 'What a beautiful sight pet, you're so pretty.'

'You can undress Megan now Angie.' She heard John tell her.

Nervously Angie reached out and undid Megan's shirt, letting it fall to the floor with hers as she undid her skirt. As her skirt slid to the ground Angie's eyes looked over Megan's stunning body as she stood naked before her.

Megan took her hand and led her over to a piece of equipment which looked like a strange padded table with two arms. 'Kneel down on the padded bit and lean forward, forearms on here.' She said indicating the bits in front of the kneeling pad.

Angie climbed onto it and knelt as Megan had told her and felt the soft grip of leather as Megan buckled straps around her ankles, holding her firmly to the kneeler. She lowered her body down, resting on her forearms, and watched as Megan fastened buckles round her wrists, holding her securely to the frame.

Megan leaned forward and kissed Angie softly, letting just the tip of her tongue slide between her lips.

Megan's hand slid down her back, over her butt cheeks and between her spread thighs. Angie shivered at her touch, feeling her body responding strongly. She glanced across the room and saw John and Frank sitting comfortably, watching the proceedings.
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