Zombified (Episode 2: Yankee Heights) - Matt Di Spirito

Zombified (Episode 2: Yankee Heights)

By Matt Di Spirito

  • Release Date: 2011-04-21
  • Genre: Horror
Our rating: 5/5 stars

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Zombified (Episode 2: Yankee Heights) by Matt Di Spirito read book description and reviews

Welcome to Yankee Heights.

Matty is on the way to Colonial University when the first harrowing events in a night of terror unfold. He can't even enjoy the carnal pleasures of a frat party without the undead showing up. Zombies swarm into the upscale city, overrunning the dormitories, university campus, and suburban sprawl. Matty is determined to survive.

The deaths pile up. Classmates and love interests aren't safe from the flesh-eating monsters. Matty faces a string of decisions where he is forced to choose between saving another and saving himself. His plan is simple: meet up with his lifelong friend, Joey, in Wooneyville. A city of zombies stands in the way.

* * *

"Zombified, Episode 2: Yankee Heights" is the follow-up to "Zombified, Episode 1: Wooneyville". The stage is set; the zombies have overrun society. Whoever survives will be forced to head for the promise of safety and shelter at Timmons National Guard base. Their fate is revealed in the final chapter: "Zombified, Episode 3: Garden Harbor".

* * *

DISCLAIMER: This book contains graphic descriptions of violence and death, profanity, and sexual suggestive scenes. It is not intended for minors.
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