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Connect2 Wiltshire is leaving bookride from January 2017 and joining Wiltshire Council's Connecting Wiltshire website. Please click on the link below and you will be directed to our new home, where you will still be able to find current timetables or book your journeys online.


If there is anything you miss on the new website, please drop us an email or call on the enquiry line 01380 860100.


This website will not be updated after January 2017



Connect2  Wiltshire RUH - update


The non Council trial,  RUH Rover service came to an end on August 31st 2016.  If you would like to recieve information regarding alternative travel options to the Royal United Hospital, including Ariva and public transport, please phone the Connect2 enquiry line on 01380 860100 to receive details in the post.

The current Connect2 RUH service will cease on Friday 10th June 2016.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank A & G Minibuses for providing this well respected and valued service to our customers for many years.  Over the next few months passengers travelling on this service, will recieve an information pack, directing them to alternative options to travel to the Royal United Hospital after the service ends.

If you have not picked up an alternative transport information pack to the RUH, phone the C2W enquiry line on 01380 860100 and request a copy. 

Included in the information pack, is a NEW service from A & G Minibuses Ltd, called  the RUH Rover, offering 4 return journeys Monday to Friday, starting on the 13th June 2016, to book or find out more details, phone 08456 525255, option 2, in the usual way or 01985 212213. 

Ace Taxis, Warminster are also introducing a service from the 13th June 2016 , offering journeys to the RUH, from Warminster, Westbury and Trowbridge, for more information phone 01985 807070.


Information reminder


Important changes to your 08456 525255 call charges

from July 2015.


From the 1st July 2015 calls to the above number will cost 2p per minute, plus the cost charged by your phone supplier. This notification  is the result of Ofcom research, to make the cost of 08  and 09 numbers clearer to the caller, to help with your decision to call.



New Timetable and Fares for Pewsey Vale from 1st February 2016


Following the introduction of the timetable on the 17th August 2015, a revised timetable and fare increase will commence on the 1st February 2016.  The changes are small and many passengers may not notice any difference to their regular service, however the changes and improvements are in response to passengers and Connect2 Wiltshire drivers comments. Many journeys continue to be timetabled, bookings at quieter times of the day to improve service reliablilty, improved journeys to Pewsey Station for commuters. 

New timetables will be available online, at local outlets and on buses towards the end of January 2016.


Pewsey Vale Service changes from the 17th August 2015


The new timetable is now available for the above service, offering more direct journeys between Pewsey and Devizes and improved rail link services.  To view the new timetable, click on the Timetable Information tab above, then select Pewsey Vale Guide from the list. If you would like recieve a paper timetable by post, please call the Connect2 enquiry line 01380 860100 or send an email via this website.


Important changes to your 08456 525255 call charges from July 2015 - information reminder


From the 1st July 2015 calls to the above number will cost 2p per minute, plus the cost charged by your phone supplier. This notification is the result of Ofcom research, to make the cost of 08 and 09 numbers clearer to the caller, to help with their decision to call.



Salisbury and Amesbury Taxibuzz - Change of bus stop, Salisbury

From June 2015, this service will now pick up at stop D instead of B, however drop off could vary depending on what stop is available when the Taxibuzz arrives into Salisbury. 

Please check with the driver when you arrive, which letter stop you will depart Salisbury from.



Calne and Kennet Valley Service update


If you are looking for the Calne to Marlborough timetable which replaces the Connect2 Line 4 and 5 services, please visit the Wiltshire Council website www.wiltshirecouncil.gov.uk,  select parking transport and streets, public transport, transport timetable information, followed by, about new bus services, Calne area.  Alternatively, you can request a paper copy by emailing the Connect2 inbox from this website.

From January 5th 2015, Connect2 Wiltshire will no longer operate the Line 4/5 service in the Kennet Valley.  This service will continue to be operated by APL Travel, but will run to a traditional timetable.  You will no longer be able to book your journeys by phone or online in the Calne and Kennet Valley area, all other services will remain unchanged.


The Bookamonth ticket book scheme will be withdrawn from 1st January 2015.  Bookamonth Ticket books can continue to be purchased from Calne Visitor and Information Centre and Marlborough Library until December 31st 2014.  All purchased tickets will be honoured and accepted by Connect2 Wiltshire drivers.


New Calne and Kennet Valley timetable(Postponed)

Following operational changes in July 2014, the New Calne and Kennet Valley timetable will not operate until the New Year, timetables will be available on the bus before the service starts.



Connect2 Wiltshire services that were previously operated by Hatts Travel have now been

taken over by APL Travel. Passengers are unlikely to notice any changes as the original

drivers have transferred to APL Travel. Passengers should continue to book services in the

normal way by ringing the call centre on 08456 52 52 55


Advance booking changes

Due to new strict regulations, drivers are unable to recieve bookings while driving.

The booking centre  or online booking system,will no longer, accept bookings after the bus has started its journey.

Passengers can still book their journey upto 20 minutes before the journey start or 5 minutes if you are travelling from the journey starting point.

However, if you require a pickup from a village location you will have to allow sufficient time to book your journey, so that your booking can be recieved by the driver before he leaves the journey starting point.

Connect2 would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and ask you to bear with us as we settle in this new way of working. We will monitor this situation to resolve any issues that may occur.

Have you registered for Connect2 online booking?

Why not give the Connect2 team a call and give it a try. This facility is available to passengers who travel in the Pewsey and Devizes areas only.

The new online booking system has arrived. To register to use this service call the Connect2 enquiry line on 01380 860100. An operator will take a few details, including your name, address, telephone number and email address.  Once you have been set up, you will recieve an email confirming your   log on name and password. 

Don't forget if your journey is urgent continue to book your journey by calling the booking line 08456 525255, until you recieve the confirmation email.

If you were registered for this service before, you should have recieved an email reminder of your login details and can access the new OpenDRT portal via the book now icon and start booking your journey now.

Why not visit the new portal www.OpenDRT.co.uk to see what it has to offer, however you must register for this service to book any Connect2 journeys.

Don't panic if online bookings are not for you, simply continue to make your bookings by dialling the number below and selecting the appropriate option.

Booking Line 08456 525255

(followed by the appropriate options 1-8)

Welcome to Connect2Wiltshire, the flexible way to travel to work, school and leisure activities in Mere, the Vale of Pewsey and many more including access to the RUH (Bath) and GWH (Swindon). Connect2Wiltshire offers door to door transport, to and from many areas of Wiltshire for people living in or visiting the county.

The services are frequent and flexible allowing the buses and taxis used to fit in with your life and adapt to your needs on a daily basis.

On this site you can:

  • Look up the times of the buses and taxis in your area
  • Book your own journey online for Pewsey and Devizes bus services
  • Save money if you are a frequent traveller
  • Explore the local area with our Connect2Wiltshire walking guides
  • Find out how Connect2Wiltshire works and how you can use it
  • And comment on the service by contacting us directly by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To find out more about Connect2Wiltshire and the ideas behind the service please click on the tab above, about C2W.

We look forward to seeing you on Connect2Wiltshire soon